Ramadan Day 8

May 27, 2018

Today was great, lunch was a bit slow but for dinner, everyone all came at once to break their fast. Luckily for me, I always make my bowl of food 2 hours ahead of time to make sure I’m not in anyone’s way later on. Here are a few examples:

So as you can tell, by the end of the night I was extremely exhausted, we left work at 11:30, picked up Lailah sho was already asleep and went back home.

I’ve also been recently reading a surprisingly good book by James Comey called A Higher Loyalty. It was great to read and understand his story before he got mixed into the presidential drama and learn that he’s as human as anyone else and with a good heart.

Today was also the day my sister in law started work and she only landed Wednesday morning. We are all work horses, we are all chasing that dream. But remember, life isn’t about working and paying bills, it’s about slowly but surely getting to your goals in life. I heard from a YouTube inspirational speech about a man who learned something very important from his father. His father was an Immagrations who came over from a third world country, worked his whole life, had 3 kids and wasn’t home as much because his excuse was the bills wouldn’t pay themselves. Now remember, it all comes down to you, your sacrifice and how you want to live your life for yourself and your family. This mans father worked so hard till he was 65 years old, retired, bought his dream house and later died the following year. With that event that happened, the YouTube inspirational speaker had realized that his dad struggled his whole life we he didn’t have to, he was of course grateful for his fathers hard work, but mourned the choices he made to be at Work more than at home. We only get one life so live it wisely, every moment counts and time doesn’t stop for anyone. We are all part of this life, our families life, friends life and so forth yet we need to actually be in it and not just pass by. Dream house or not, be happy with what you have, set goals and live in the moment with your loved ones because we might not get the chance to be there and with them again.

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