Ramadan Day 9

May 27, 2018

Today was a much easier day for fasting. I went to the gym crazy early to get it out of the way at Retro fitness in Greenbrook, which was ok. They made good use of some space here and there, but I couldn’t stand the color scheme or some of the crappy machines that were known to be made by low quality companies. After that I spent almost 2 hours trying to recruit a kitchen employee all over, asked questions, answered questions and got nothing. It’s so weird, how everyone wants to get paid but no one wants to work, especially younger folks. I read in the news these parents are suing their 30 year old son for not moving out, even though they provided him with so many ways to leave by giving money and finding places close by. I remember reading a part where when he was taken off the family mobile plan, that the guy freaked out, which was when the parents realized they had failed to raise a man and would need to drop the hammer on him moving out.

I know that we love our children, we would do anything for them. What I had realized from the many parents that bring their kids through and watching them grow throughout the years is that without guidance, discipline and communication, your kids will be more and more difficult as they grow older. Now mind you, I am not perfect and neither is everyone else, but most parents know they are doing something wrong when they throw money at their kids to shut them up or just hand them a screen or even buy them their own iPad, when their a lot older! Children are sponges, they want to learn, even when they don’t show it. Children see everything you do and say whenever their around you, they’ll think it’s ok to curse if you curse, they’ll think it’s ok to drink soda if you always drink soda. My advice is to always, always, always communicate with your children and give them positive, clear answers to their many questions that they’ll have growing up and please show them that they are always loved, even when we may be angry or ticked off. My wife and I have learned that we mustn’t argue in front of Lailah because then she starts raising her voice and tries to chime in, but you can tell she’s worried. Like I said, children see,hear and know everything your doing in front of them so don’t always treat them like they don’t know or don’t understand, they may know more than use at times haha.

It was also a great pleasure to run into some very old friends who would always Engage in deep, intellectual conversations with me whenever they came to the old restaurant:

Nothing has changed at all with them and they had lived in Hawaii for awhile, but from my understanding, once their grand daughter was born, they moved to Maine to be close so they can help out and be with their family there while enjoying retirement.

My Iftar meal was a bit different, the protein to be exact, it wasn’t grilled but stewed, which tasted amazing by the way.

Why really helped out with the weather was the insane amount of rain we got, it even looked like a hurricane outside for a few minutes to the point with the rain and wind combined created a wall where you couldn’t see a few feet in front of you!

This day felt, although slow at the restaurant, felt like it was needed to recover and relax a bit.

To end the night, my phone was able to take some cool pictures of the moon and I also ran into what looked like a rare Albino moth, but then again I don’t know most of my bugs.

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