Ramadan Day 11

May 31, 2018

Now this day is my favorite day by far for Ramadan. Not only because it was my first day off during Ramadan but because my wife was off as well for Memorial Day weekend, it was very special just because we are together. We all woke up late, hung out in the bed, Lailah was just so happy to be with her parents, you can see it in her behavior and her face. After we got out of bed, we washed up, Fed Lailah, changed her and planned the rest of our day.

We went to the mall after and took my sister in law as well who had landed the week before. What I enjoy when bringing someone to New Jersey is the expression on their faces when the see NYC, the malls and random things that are different from Afghanistan or wherever. We also bought Lailah some light up shoes so that we can keep them in my wife’s car just Incase we end up going to the park or Lailah wants to run around.

From the mall we went straight to Paterson with most of the family. First we went to the newly renovated Turkish Bazaar, which had everything I’ve ever wanted from Turkish food, but as they always say, don’t go food shopping on an empty stomach. I got dried fruit, homemade yogurt drink, date filled cookies, halal sausages for cooking with eggs in the mornings and some freshly baked Turkish bread.

Afterwards we went to Toros to sit down and get our table and orders in ahead of time before the crowd. Not only were the long tables set up too tight with barely any room for people to walk, but as it got busy, the staff was less and less to be found. Also our meat wasn’t cooked all the way and smelled old, so we left a bit disappointed.

One Response to “Ramadan Day 11”

  1. Carol Says:

    Love is in the house..

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