The Reward of Patience

July 22, 2018

As always, lets start off with a few fun photos of how life is at the moment:



So as you can tell, Lailah has grown considerably fast in the last 6 months, which is what the doctor would always tell us as well as parents of older children, they grow very fast. She is 1.5 years old now and loving life everyday. Her mother is of course in most of these photos, but she never wants to be in them only because she knows I would be posting them on the Blog from time and again, she’s camera-shy Hehe.

From the health part of my life, i have been feeling ok, not too good and not too bad. From what i have been told and whats been proven in medical journals world-wide, if i do not give my body time to rest, besides sleeping, then i would be almost reversing the process of weight loss and destroying the process of muscle-building due to not enough nutrients getting to my muscles and time to grow. I just recently started taking at least 1 day off a week, just to catch up on paper work for the restaurant and personal chores to get everything moving forward. I’m stuck at 171 lbs at the moment, so i have been not only reading up again on my old diets but measuring everything i eat, restricting the amount of carbs i ingest per day and reading on a lot of new medical journals along with science baked books explaining the simple mathematics of a diet plan. I love to read and soak up all the knowledge out there on something i feel so compelled to understand more and more, unfortunately i can’t go to school and learn about this due to work, but i can at least prepare with the amount of knowledge taught outside of a classroom. My workouts have been planned accordingly to this new social media fitness guru called Julian Smith, just a couple of years older than me and very passionate about fitness. He has inspired me to do what i have always wanted, help others on a fitness level by inspiring through example. I bought a simple, handheld tripod for my Iphone and started to film literally every single workout that i do for the past 2 weeks, edit and post them on my Instagram and Snap chat, just to help people get motivated on what workouts they should be doing and the right amount of repetitions, how long the contractions should be and the proper form when doing the specific exercise. Now the difference between me and most fitness gurus/models is that I have ¬†24% ¬†body fat on me, for my height and age, i should be 15-20 lbs lighter and i do not do enough cardio to have a healthy heart and leaner look. Here are some shorts of my exercises and foods i have been documenting, hope you all enjoy:

Now of course these are just random videos of food and workouts, but in my Instagram or Snap chat, I post exactly how many reps, how long the holds and how many sets. Once i can get my media in order, I’ll post an episode on the Vlog of some exercises on the days i have worked out. If anyone have any questions or concerns, feel free to private message me. Like i have said, im no professional or fitness guru/model, just an average joe, trying to make things happen, Peace!

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