Feeling bad is OK

August 7, 2018

So for the past year or so, I have been taking my “Blank Time”(The time spent driving, waiting, awake crazy early before anyone else, awake crazy late before anyone else) to listen to some great audio books, listening to awesome inspirational and motivation videos on Youtube, here is one of my favorites: Arnolds Inspiration 

I was a child of books growing up, they were the very few forms of entertainment i was able to enjoy when everyone else was asleep. Reading had always transported me to a far away place where I could forget about school, parents fighting, bullies in school, homework and general sadness. I made it a habit to visit the library twice a month to not only do my homework, but to rent, return and place on hold many books that were supposedly supposed to come out, thanks to magazines that would advertise them ahead of time, this was of course before the internet was a crazy big thing. Over time, once the internet became a thing, i strayed away from books except for the ones assigned in school and more towards screens, video games, the internet when it was a young, vast, increasingly amazing tool to escape the real world as well.

Fast forward to today, where the whole world is in your pocket, I have come to realize that sometimes, even the most advanced things in the world, cannot replace the most simple things that have been around for decades. Now mind you, i do enjoy the feel and smell of a good book , but due to my time restraints, I have opted for an Amazon Kindle, which holds thousands and thousands of books in one little magazine sized E-Reader, which is so pleasant to the eyes over time spent reading on it.

My point here is that throughout time, we enter in a series of ups and downs, left and rights, positives and negatives. We have every right to be sad and every right to be happy. There is no Ying, without the Yang is what i am trying to get to. It’s a bit depressing, when your on a high off of happiness and success, to understand, in the back of your mind, that there might be a low coming up soon or something negative about to occur, but you don’t ever, ever let that stop you, it’s just a realist way of thinking. In the way i handle things is like this:

There is a positive streak, it goes on day by day, but that doesn’t mean that it will stay like that the whole day. You have to build on it, ALWAYS. I build off of positive or negative thoughts, situations and energy all the time, just to keep myself constantly moving forward, so that i don’t fall backwards to the past, because then you end up over analyzing what could have been or  what should have been. Instead, i focus on what will be, what could be and how i should make myself to be better and stay positive. Out of most of the situations in my life, i try to be a non stop fountain of positivity for everyone around me, no matter what. The only things that occur negatively in my life is from the outside, i never want bad things to happen to anyone, I do not judge anyone and i tend to stay away from negative situations. Just don’t confuse negative situations with hard altercations with people to either fix things, stand up for one another and being brave or humble. I asked once a very famous bodybuilder via Twitter how to get someone to stay positive and be a good person, this was during the dark time my brother was going through and in a way still is. He replied with a very simple answer: Inspire Through Example.

That’s what I am trying to do, day by day and trying to include as many friends as possible, because in the end, we are alone in our heads, but never alone in person, remember that. Feeling bad is ok, because as they always say, the sky is the limit. A better quote to leave you guys is from one of my favorite movies: Why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to get back up. (The Dark Knight)

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