Road to recovery…

March 5, 2019

I was pushing my self to the Max. I didn’t allow myself to stop and smell the roses, reliving my glory days. One of the hardest things to understand in life, believe me, is to understand that time always win. We can’t stay in place, relieve the experience as the first time,which is very rare by the way. In this case my shoulder was bothering me more and more,every week it would get worse. I never really connected the dots until it was too late, I over trained my body, slept in a position where my shoulder would be aggravated, not allowing a full 1-2 days of not training to give the body the proper time to heal. Basically it’s an addiction to being better, staying healthy, almost an impossible task just because we can stay healthy for a certain TIME until something out of left field just comes smack you in the face. I guess what I’m trying to say is, invest in yourself in more ways than one. Of course go to the gym, but also invest in eating right, hobbies, family, things that bring you joy. I say this because maybe the things we think are negatives could be embraced as positives so that we don’t go crazy. I want to work out every day, burn the set calories I want to, lift the heaviest weights, look lean and vascular, but with the positives comes negatives and if we don’t address negatives in our lives, we can’t move forward. Moving forward means embracing both sides, making the best of any situation and move forward to strive for a better tomorrow for you and for the loved ones in your life.

Here’s some videos of the procedure I needed to relieve the immediate pain:

Now what I’ve been doing in the gym is getting a full 8 hours of sleep each night, protein in every meal that I eat with a balanced amount of carbs and healthy fats. Plenty of supplementation and water. More cardio to the system really goes a long way in my opinion in helping the body to heal up. Besides a physical depression also comes a mental depression which I could not of dealt with if it weren’t for my wife, child and family.

God bless you all, sorry for not writing as much, I’ll be updating this blog regularly to help me get through things in life. Peace.

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