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August 14, 2019

So obviously it has been a long time since I was on here, expressing myself and giving you folks an update on how things are going. My bad! So at the moment we live in an apartment, things are fine between my parents and myself. My daughter is now 2.5 years old and is starting Pre K this year. Wife has left her current job of 2 years to take a break. The restaurant is booming, to the point where we are in negotiations of expanding and breaking down the wall next door. Now I know what your gonna say, But Moose, doesn’t this all look familiar? Well of course it feels familiar, Nostalgic almost. Only difference here besides it being my own restaurant with my partners is now I have “almost” the type of freedom I have been anticipating since we opened the new places to do things, explore new types of dishes, designs, integrate technology where it was really my fathers way at his restaurant. Also I help out my parents at their restaurant on the weekends since my cousin had been in Afghanistan for his brothers wedding but will be coming back in a week.

On the story of my YouTube page, its been months since I uploaded a videošŸ˜‚. I had sold my go pro hero 7 in July, awaiting for the new Go Pro to debut in September 2019. Supposedly it’ll have a new form factor, larger size, larger screen, flip able screen like the DJI Osmo Action, which I almost purchased but stopped myself for many reasons. Even though its cheaper, has a color screen on the front side of the camera so you can see yourself and a bunch of neat features. Yet the things that were a deal breaker for me were no stabilization for HDR 4K recording and the 1.5 second lag when recording with stabilization on. I don’t know, I’m just saying that when I pay $350 for a product, I want it to do things to make filming easier for me. I am really waiting for Go Pro to wow us like they did with the amazing stabilization work on their Hero 7 Black camera.

So at the moment I am selling my Mac book pro from 2015, perfect condition really. And I am just going to be using an iPad Pro for all of my video editing and blog posts, it just seems so much smoother, faster, easier to transfer data and with the new iOS 13 c moving, Apple is really trying their best to use an IPad as almost a laptop replacement for most of its power users. I downloaded an video editing software called LumaFusion, so far from what I have seen online with the reviews, its not as powerful as Final Cut Pro which I have learned the hard way to use, but if the user interface is similar and on the iPad, then it’ll be much easier to help its users understand what it has to offer.

As I’m writing this down, I am listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Joe Rohan Experiment, Joe Rohan: Special guest Bernie Sanders

I believe its very important to always learn something new each day, no matter what. I have been following that opinion for a very long time now, what I would like to do now is finish a book every 2 weeks now, based off of my busy schedule that is.

Now, to my fitness journey update. I have been at my lowest since Post Ramadan is 164 lbs. My goal is to get to 160-155 lbs. So far I have left crunch fitness and joined Life time Fitness in Bridgewater, which is closer to work, 4 minutes farther from where I live. I understand the price point is almost 4 times more than what I was paying at Crunch fitness, but remember, its all about the quality of whatever your paying for. At Lifetime I NEVER have to wait for a machine, the equipment ad machines from cardio to strength training is all way over $4000 to purchase alone. I ran on a treadmill today that was $10,000 for one and it felt amazing! Who knew that running would feel amazing and as if I was running on clouds! Like my father told me, you pay for what you get. For years I have been complaining about a lot of things at Crunch and was addressed in the worse way because they really don’t know how to deal with customers properly, heard some crazy true stories and some shady crap they had been doing. I am not saying lifetime isn’t the same, yet I have only had nothing but amazing customer service from them. Also they have an amazing childcare program there which makes me envious of my daughter with the amount of toys they have, also they have a new born center to take care of babies! I’ll just be filming on my Vlog YouTube channel my days and random crap I do, along with our UPCOMING expansion with before and after photos, time lapsed videos and explanations on why we did this and that.

Here are some videos from today, working out videos and some random things I’ve seen today at the moment. I genuinely believe that the things I see and do are nice to film so that not only everyone knows what I’m doing Incase they’re interested but for my family to see how goofy I was later on in life.

Thanks again folks for taking the time to read this, I will keep you guys posted for sure on this, and once I figure out the new video editing software, I will post an update on my twitter of the new video: Thatgeekfromthe

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