Mid Ramadan Update

June 11, 2017

fullsizeoutput_11caIMG_2924fullsizeoutput_11cbIMG_2959IMG_2964IMG_3010.JPGMashaAllah so far so good. I haven’t lost any pounds yet, i guess i should actually check, problem is, i only check when I wake up in the morning. Problem with that is, i fill myself up with food 5 hours earlier, therefore thats not my ideal time to weigh myself to see my lightestweight. This few days though have been crazy hot, so naturally, all of us are very thirsty. Most folks during Ramadan now tend to try and sleep in a lot on the weekends or when they are off, but most still get up,work hard, come home, pass out till Iftar(Break fast) time. I fell like during Ramadan, i have more focus on my tasks, i would just need to figure out what task to do first, also my wife helps me stay on topic with things in life.

What i really want to do is go to a water park, just get lost in it, just like the good old days when i didn’t have to worry about bills, relationships, drama, stress and other sorts like that. I’ve always been good at organizing things like this, where the only thing that everyone had in common was being friends with me and wanting to have a good time. One of the best quotes i have ever heard was from Andy, from the Hit tv show The Office,”I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”

Above are some photos of the meals i have been eating to break my fast, half the time its with a protein bar and tea just because we are so busy at work. Ramadan ends June 25th or arount there. We leave for London and Scotland July 2nd, so hopefully i can save up enough money before hand and get the things we need ahead of time before anything.

so far I believe its been day 30, i have lost a total of 6 lbs, not my best, but its slowly trickling down. Its been a hard few weeks leading up to today, i havent gotten cardio in this week, been running around changing accountants, dealing with employees leaving at work and just overall stress.IMG_3741

Every monday or tuesday im able to stop by Shoprite and buy Haal ground turkey breast to mix with brown rice and have it with a scoop of almond butter.I had 6 meals to choose from, i figured just make 4 of the same meals for now just to keep it simple and easy.IMG_3744.JPG

I have a spin bike literaly 3 steps from my bed, yet i forget to wake up early to get a fasted cardio spin session in, i really need to get my moneys worth for sure! I also bought myself a lego set, after 20 years, just to see if my brain was still as sharp as when i was a kid, by the way ,legos has advanced so much thrgouhout the years, i was blown away by my X-wing lego set of 740 pieces.

Lego time!



So far lif has been blessful. My work life and fitness life has always been side by side, some days I can’t even get al 5 of my meals in, I’m forced to eat on the go and sometimes sleep hungry, but hats life fit life I hope. Recently I have Ben on a 3 week plateau, staying a t the weight of 164 lbs, but overcame that after doing more cardio each day and believe it or not taking rest days to read myself and my body. Now my current weight is 162 lbs, hopefully by the next week I can get down to anothe pound or two. Normally I hear some progress pictures but I’m using y ipadpro, which doesn’t have that many so here’s also a video to add to the whole blog, thanks for reading for folks.
Clic below to checkout the crazy leg day!


Sorry for not writing in awhile. I am still on my long journey to get magazine ready as well as stay fit and healthy. Here are some progress pics








Day 20 cutting diet

May 22, 2013

So I’m on day 20 of the cutting diet,lost about 6 lbs. I will be flying out to Istanbul,Turkey on the 28th if this month. Then from there I will go straight to Kabul,Afghanistan. It will be after 5 years,this time I will be prepared with my 64g iPhone 5 and 64g iPad mini. Sometimes I close my eyes and I’m telling everyone that I meet that Afghanistan went by so fast,45 days was a blur & now it’s Ramadan again. This Ramadan will be the best,can’t wait to start and be at peace with myself while fulfilling my duties. I will start Ramadan in Afghanistan,I stars I believe July 8th this year,we will be landing back home on the 14th. InshaAllah we will complete Ramadan together.


I also shipped to Afghanistan my supplements from Bodybuilding.com, of course I’ll be training there while eating 6 times a day,walking miles to and from the gym & all the food is natural,healthy & organic.





Day 2 cutting diet

May 2, 2013

Got a good leg workout in with a friend of mine. He hasn’t lifted before so it was good to show him the ropes. He said he definitely feels it today so that means training him worked. I just got my 15 lbs NASM book to study, it talks about training,muscles,dieting and foods. It’ll help me pass the qualification exam and have me be certified as a personal trainer. What I really want to learn is how to make a diet,what factors go into it,what’s needed to calculate it. I know everyone’s different & there’s a lot to learn but in the one month in Kabul will give me plenty of time to read,learn and prepare.


Day 1 cutting diet

May 1, 2013

So today is day one of the cutting diet. It’s not a diet where all of a sudden I limit my calories and carbs,if I did that then my body would not appreciate that and most likely I would lose muscle.
Here are some shots to start with,also I am at 10% body fat:



Here is how much calories I burned today:

Also yes I got a new polar FT80 watch because my old one finally died completely. We had a good run but this design is more bad ass.




So far the only things that were changed in my diet were how much almond butter I can have, the Karbolyn amount & olive oil amount. We will see how this week goes,also I am doing 30 min cardio either before my breakfast or right after my workout.

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