My current weight for the last week is 167 lbs. I have changed my cardio regiment to speed rope, 50-100 jumps after every set followed by a 30 second cool down before going again. All my workouts would be 4 sets of 12-15 reps each with always going up in weight. With this method I haven’t been as crazy strong as what i was used to, this morning i was also thinking it may be that I have been doing fasted workouts with my speed rope as well. In the morning I would wake up nice and early, down my pre workout, take my BCAA’s with me to drink during my workout so I won’t get fatigued. This way i save time, instead of waking up  earlier, making a pre workout meal, then waiting an hour before getting to the gym. I would love to actually do that, but when your raising a baby, your plans are never solid. Most nights i get less than 6 hours of sleep, just because i need to help the wifey with the baby, God bless my wife, she’s a soldier and she’s the one raising the baby, so whatever help she needs, i try my best to help her. 

My diet so far has been ok during the day, it is the night time cravings that get me real bad. I would look for chips, sweets or just have another big meal, since at work I barely eat during the dinner shift, usually maybe a small snack which leads to a huge craving/appetite when i get home to relax. I have Cassein Protein in the closet, maybe I should make some type of ice cream with it, sprinkle some whole wheat Chex cereal and just down a water. bottle before hand, that might be able to do the trick. 

Here’s a typical meal I would eat 2 times a day usually;100% whole wheat bread, sweet potato fries,Kale salad with blue berries,walnuts, carrots and sun flower seeds, Halal Wagyu Angus Beef.
NOW……..Ramadan starts Thursday or Friday so I would have to figure out what to cook ahead of time for basically my 2 meals a day, the second meal would probably be followed by a post workout shake or something. Each meal would have to be designed to have fiber, fats and protein to hold me over for some time. I would only do little carbs, most likely half a whole wheat pita or 4 ounces of Sweet potatoes, followed by maybe 3-4 steamed broccolis and a white meat. Hopefully i can get some time to get some Halal Turkey from Paterson, make some Turkey Meat balls so that it can be enough for my meals. I have read somewhere too that not everyone can eat 5-6 small meals a day, thus they opt for 3-4 larger meals a day and maybe a snack here and there. Ramadan will be an amazing opportunity to test out how my body reacts. I know for a fact that during Keto,5 years ago, i had cut down a lot of weight. But now, since I have to causally take some carbs out, if i start with fasting and adjust the carbohydrates and making them at a smaller amount, maybe after Ramadan then the body can react to switching to Keto for maybe 4-5 weeks without taking a big hit. Of course i would have my refeed days filled with abut load of carbs and protein, which most people don’t understand when it comes to ketosis. 

Being a father has been amazing, it has opened my eyes to what really is more important in life to me and what matters the most. Time with my family is important, time is something no one can get back. Growing up my parents were able to have some time for us to go on vacation and trips, but towards my middle school and high school career, they were nowhere to be found, always working. Which i now understand completely, money makes the world turn, but the sacrifices that are made should never be up against spending time with your kids. I have realized that spending time with your kids equals raising them, every moment you have with them is a moment to teach them about life, a moment to mold them into being a better person than yourself. I have a different outlook than my parents now on how to raise my kid. I think most children, when they have their own families, know what to do and not to do, thanks to their parents and their style of parenting. Ever since I have become a father, I put  my family first on everything, as it should be with every parent. But unfortunately others see it as a negative because it doesn’t benefit them and their agenda. Try and stay away from negative people, even if they are in your own family, stay peaceful, patient and do not react, take some time to chill and then revisit the problem with a positive outlook without trying to seek revenge. Only then will you be able to stop and smell the roses. 

Now with my workout routine, this will be challenging. Last year, i just ate whatever and workout out maybe 3 times a week or less. This time, i would like to hit up the gym 4 times a week, probably during the night, right after work, then followed by keeping up with the baby and then taking a nap for an hour or two before waking up to eat again. Then I would be able to sleep for 6-7 hours before work, followed by an hour nap after the lunch shift. Everything always looks easy on paper compared to actually doing it. 

Here are some photos of our recent trip to the Zoo, Even though Lailah is too small to probably remember, at least we got photos with her so she can see later on in life,also Madina had a blast with everything:

Cutting diet day 87

January 12, 2013

It’s been awhile since I had last updated this so let me recap without boring you. I was able to get down to 142 lbs. I was sick before I got to that weight, I had the stomach virus and flu at the same time during New Year’s Eve, resulting in more weight/fat loss brining my body down t 142 lbs. I am also 12% body fat, most of my veins are very vascular now, especially when I lift weights.

Coach has finally given me back cheat meals once per week:





Today I am hovering around 143/142 lbs right now, hopefully tonight’s leg session will bring the weight down gain so by Monday the weight will get to 141 lbs. just wondering out loud but it would be crazy if I got to the 130’s weight class and still maintain my muscle, I am only 5’4 so that’s still a healthy range of weight for me, but I might still lose some muscle mass, which in my opinion is necessary to lose the belly fat once and for good. I was thinking about starting the gaining diet this week but decided to get to at least 140 lbs and see where the stomach is right then.



My coach put me on a band regiment, and its amazing, ripping the muscle fibers inlays I couldn’t with just plain old weights. Tonight’s leg session will be awesome for sure, ialready excited. Problem is that I hate doing legs at Lifetime fitness, it’s great to be a24/7 gym but their leg equipment is lacking.

Cutting diet day 25

November 9, 2012

So far so good, weighing it at 155 lbs:

So far I’ve been dieting low carb throughout the week and have one day that’s all for high carbs and high protein, kinda balances out the chemicals in the body to be safe:






So far I’ve been logging all my calories lost after each workout or AM cardio session to try and inspire those and lead by example:










Hope everyone enjoys! Any questions please let me know and hopefully I can help!

Cutting diet day 13

October 28, 2012

This is all the calories I burned from cardio to lifting this past week:








I’ve been using the blessing of proper diet and rest to help grow and stay lean. This week was 2 days lift, 3 off,2 days lift. I’ll change it up depending on how the body feels in the morning,stretching though has been a my staple in the morning after cardio,just to get the blood flowing,then a nice hot shower to freshen up.
Her was some of my meals on my High Carb Day:






I’ll be using my 6 pack bag depending on how long the power is out after the hurricane! Here are some pics from last years snow storm that occurred around the same time, it’ll refresh everyone’s memory for sure:


Mass gaining diet day 8

August 26, 2012

Hello again curious people, so far it’s day 8,a little over a week on my mass gaining diet. I do feel a bit stronger,muscles do look a bit fuller as well. It’s amazing how carbs can fuel your workouts so damn fast! Now I’m also increasing my cardio from 10 minutes after my workouts to 30-40 minutes to try and strip any fat I have & keep the metabolism running strong. On my current diet I have to eat 2467 calories,228.5 grams of protein,285.4 grams of Carbs,54.1 grams of fat. Most of my carbs are from Brown rice,Ezekiel bread and white rice. My protein is from chicken breast and protein shakes. The fats are from olive oil or macadamia but oil. On the workout parts I have noticed that this week I have went up 5 lbs across the board on every muscle group.
My rice for the next 2 weeks,$32




These are my calorie counts on my workouts & a progress pic this week. I’ll keep all the fans posted,in the mean time PLEASE LIKE my ATHLETE PAGE:MUSTAFA SIDIQEE

Ramadan day 2

July 21, 2012

So I am trying my best to use up all of the word press I have since I had gotten the subscription for it. This is the rules I’m trying to follow this month and hopefully the following after:


I woke up after a 2.5 hour nap and ate what was on the diet thanks to Coach Phil. 1 cup of oatmeal which I downed with no problem ,1 hard boiled egg and 2 ounces of lean beef,I’m supposed to eat more beef but I filled myself up with water instead; now I would need to start eating at 3 instead of 3:30 to allow the food to travel down my intestine along with the water so I can still have room to eat what’s on the diet. Tonight I will most definitely stick to the diet,by breaking my fast with almond butter & chicken first. Then post/pre workout meals when I get out of work. I just hope I’m not too full to eat again in the AM.

Tonight I’ll be lifting chest &;shoulders,this should be interesting since I’m fasting and all.

So at 8:22 PM I was able to break my fast with water, a date, Starbucks frappacinno with two shots of expresso. after that I kept on drinking a lot of water to keep me full and a spoonful of almond butter to hold me through with the carbohydrates. Then at 9:40 I finished my pre-workout meal of brown rice and grilled chicken breast and now I’m on my way to the gym, hopefully I’ll be able to pull through. the reason I need to go to the gym on Friday and Saturday along with Sunday nights is because I open the restaurant much later therefore I get more time to sleep.

Sorry for not updating the blog in a month. I have been focusing a lot on my transformation,consistency is key. At times when I feel like I should snack a little bit or eat something totally off the diet,I just look at the pictures of those who made it,of those who are where I am physically & I fall right back on my path to reach my goal.






I was a size 40 last year,now I’m a 27.
I’ve been trying to incorporate HIIT as much as possible throughout my workouts to keep the heart rate going,it’s working well so far,my metabolism is really high and my diet is on par.

20120523-164334.jpg an example of my breakfast.

20120523-164420.jpg my everyday shoes,Vibrams.
Also from 144 lbs I moved back up to 148,fat is melting away still & muscle is forming nicely.

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