Now we are back

April 20, 2017

We are back, back at the restaurant that is. After the trial period,it was in the family’s best interest to keep ther estaurant as a family runned restaurant. What did I do during those 2 weeks off? I worked as an Uber driver, tried to reach out to all my contacts for a job. A few people had put in a good word for me or moved my resume along, but it takes forever. Some people just gave false promises as i wastched time go by, and time to me, is the most valuable currency we all have. During that time I didn’t see my father, barely saw my mother, stayed with my wife and child for most of the day, to be honest, being with my baby and wife was the happiest time i’ve had in awhile and I tahnk God every day for it. My heart goes out to those who kept in contact when we left the restaurant, to those who did their best to help us, to those who offered kind words and comfort when we were down, those kind of friends will always be in our hearts.

I have seen from too many situations in the past, that if your not there to raise your children, give them a good home, teach them above all, then it’s just a plan for disaster. My dream would be to have 5-6 children, live in an open space, 2 Acre land with trees, maybe a small barn to raise live stock, an area to grow crops. I would have a job which would allow me to be with my kids on the weekends and at dinner during the weekdays. We would take small vacations or drives to random places, to learn about history, nature, people and so forth. To grow old with the women i love, my wife, be surrounded by our loved ones, to just sit on the porch ona rocking chair on a nice, cool summer afternoon and just soak in life, thank God for everything we have. That, my friends, is my dream, but to get there is first to be successful.

We are currently finding existing restaurants that are for sale or out of business, to of course build a Silk Road 2, problem is manpower on people we can trust and location. If anyone knows anything, please let me know in a private message!

Other than that, my family is doing well, eevryone thank God are in good health, I’m just planning now for a vacation to London, trying to put money aside for hopefully July. Thans Folks for taking the time out of your day to read this! Hope to see you all at the restaurant, now for some fun pictures/movies:


So far lif has been blessful. My work life and fitness life has always been side by side, some days I can’t even get al 5 of my meals in, I’m forced to eat on the go and sometimes sleep hungry, but hats life fit life I hope. Recently I have Ben on a 3 week plateau, staying a t the weight of 164 lbs, but overcame that after doing more cardio each day and believe it or not taking rest days to read myself and my body. Now my current weight is 162 lbs, hopefully by the next week I can get down to anothe pound or two. Normally I hear some progress pictures but I’m using y ipadpro, which doesn’t have that many so here’s also a video to add to the whole blog, thanks for reading for folks.
Clic below to checkout the crazy leg day!


Sorry I haven’t updated the blog in a bit,I was enjoying my vacation after not having one for five years. It has been a wonderful experience,even though I had gotten deathly sick,poisoned by a damn scorpion plant and was not too far from 2 firefights. I was happy enough to travel to my fathers home village,Khoshi,I stayed their for my cousins wedding and the second time I stayed for 2 nights and 3 days. The village is a true definition of what a simple life should be,in slept under the stars,watched how the young boys farmed to keep their crops alive,stared in awe at how amazing my grandfathers masjid has turned out after the additions to it. The only way I can show you my journey is by pictures:


This was my first trip along with my last trip to khoshi Village.




I know my form is improper, it was a failure set and I probably should have done less weight.

So for the last 4 weeks I have been maintaining my Mass gaining diet as well as keeping myself hydrated. I just recently switched off of Cellucors C4 pre workout and started taking Animal Pump and Animal M-Stack for my pre workouts. So far it’ll be the third day and I haven’t felt so much focus on my workouts before,feeling a whole lot sorer as well. From what I could read and from other people,M-Stack helps get the nutrients to the muscles faster so that you can build muscles and not worry if the food your eating is getting to them. My current weight is 159 lbs,my goal is 165 lbs. I am in the process now of starting phase 1,Intermediate & hopefully see what gains I can benefit from.






Mass gaining diet day 27

September 13, 2012

Today I made really strong green tea in the morning with Fresh mint leaves and cardamom. Then I iced it and added Chia seeds:


The iPhone 5 was announced yesterday,you can count on me to buy that up! I’m thinking of switching from AT&T over to Verizon. I switched my AT&T iPad 3 to Verizon because I feel that Verizon has a better advantage with signal and LTE here in Jersey,why not the same for their phones.
This was my dinner today:

20120913-171851.jpg grilled asparagus with the olive oil I usually ingest during the day,topped with Cajun seasoning,very simple. Then 4 ounces of lean Beef & 2 slices of Ezekiel bread. Already pumped for the gym tonight! Doing back so I have to make sure it’s done properly.

Post work out meal

September 12, 2012

This is my multi vitamin and protein for my post work out meal.

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