Gaining diet day 37

March 9, 2013

So far is day 37 of the gaining diet. Haven’t changed the diet in 2 weeks for sure,gaining 1-2 lbs of muscle per week with a little bit of the occasional fat of course. When your gaining then you’ll expect some fat gain as well depending on how clean your diet is.




Also I’ve been experimenting with Fatgripz, now it’ll be a staple in my bicep workouts for sur





I’ll go for 3 more weeks before I start cutting again. Hopefully the muscle will burn fat faster.

Here’s a link of the weights I’m doing now:

just added around 40-75 grams of Carbs

Started with a video do everyone knows where I’m at now.

Today after adding more carbohydrates & lifting a lot heavier the muscle that I have made helped burn more fat on my body,thus making me at 145. What I think is mind blowing is at weighting 145 I can deadlift 315 :deadlifting 315
Also at 145 I can bench 100lbs fumbles in each hand.

This has helped me a whole lot,6 pack bag is packed with all my food packed for the day,so wherever I go I don’t get hungry. Last week I added 45 Grams of carbohydrates,then 3 days ago I’ve added 40 more grams of Carbs & all the weight from lifting has went up about 15-20 lbs & I’m still cutting weight!

I started using this EAA during my workout,1-2 scoops,so far it helps
Me with my pumps to prolong them.

An example of one of my meals. I feel like I can diet forever since I have an OCD for keeping things organized & knowing that my food is ready & how much carbs/calories/days I’m ingesting.


Today I started off with a healthy smoothie from smoothie king,just remember to ask them to not add any sugar and you easily knock out 150 calories. Freshly squeezed veggie/fruit juice for lunch. Then class & gym,man do I love to gym it. Shoulders & legs,4 sets each work out,12,10,8,7 reps for each, HEAVY, with jump roping 50 times fast in each set. Gotta keep the heart rate going,gotta keep it high. Then I came home to do some barefoot-like running on this beautiful fall day. This is the best part of fall,the beginning,leaves are slightly light brown,weather is brisk in the morning but bearable with a Tshirt during the day,also its pumpkin season,my favorite pie!
I Ran almost 2 miles,all together burned about 1430 calories. Then enjoyed a nice red lentil soup with low fat cottage cheese mixed with it. I would like to train someone,in the same way I’m training now,just to see how it would affect another persons body. For myself I am thinking about fasting again just to curb the appetite,let me know what you think.


On another note, i preordered the iPhone 4S for my wife today,hopefully it comes on time. Surprisingly the website to order the iPhone 4s hasn’t crashed,exciting.

I found these pictures while in the attic:


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