So far lif has been blessful. My work life and fitness life has always been side by side, some days I can’t even get al 5 of my meals in, I’m forced to eat on the go and sometimes sleep hungry, but hats life fit life I hope. Recently I have Ben on a 3 week plateau, staying a t the weight of 164 lbs, but overcame that after doing more cardio each day and believe it or not taking rest days to read myself and my body. Now my current weight is 162 lbs, hopefully by the next week I can get down to anothe pound or two. Normally I hear some progress pictures but I’m using y ipadpro, which doesn’t have that many so here’s also a video to add to the whole blog, thanks for reading for folks.
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Batman the Human

February 17, 2014

Now before I begin I would like to say that I have gathered most of the information I am stating from comics,cartoons,movies, etc. as a huge Batman fan from a very young age I feel in a way somewhat qualified to write this little piece on Batman’s training/diet since he has to stay in too notch shape in order to protect Gotham or Earth with the JLA(Justice League of America).


As you can see in the above image, batman has been portrayed in the early 90’s as a fit,buff, ripped human who uses almost every muscle to fight villains. The main muscle which he is well known for is his brain,which is by far the most superior brain in DC history,or maybe even in Comic books in general. There may be some arguments that would stir based on that statement,names would be thrown in the ring such as Death Stroke(Slade Wilson) or maybe even Tony stark(Iron man). But from what I have read and seen, Death Stroke would always call Batman “Tactician” if I’m not mistaken,due to the amount of thinking Batman does for every situation that might occur. You can say Batman is a master at real life chess. On the other character,Tony Stark, I would say they are almost Carbon copies yet Tony is an alcoholic who just likes to self loath in pity in almost every story arc I’ve read until he finds a new meaning,then he just suits up and the suit does all the talking. But Tony feels like he had a purpose halfway through where is Batman felt like he had a purpose at a very early age. I am very excited to see what the production companies will do when they release the new TV series Gotham, where Bruce Wayne will be a youngster still learning, where I believe Alfred will teach him a huge chunk of what he knows now. The movies made it out that Bruce Wayne traveled the world and learned everything in 7 years, but based on the comics that was only half. Remember Alfred had taught him a lot since Alfred was once a British equivalent to a Navy Seal; you get a little story from him in the Dark Knight about his military days.
So in order for batman to be out and and about,kicking ass and fighting crime,he would need to have plenty of rest. To have an insanely sculpted physique means rest to grow,heal and proper nutrition to help. I would like to say Batman parks the bat mobile in the bat cave by 5:30 am,usually 10 minutes before sunrise, sleeps for a Heavy 6 hours straight and gets up at 11:30 for a protein/good carb filled breakfast. Lunch would always be at a public place,either the office or a restaurant to show off his billionaire status. He is so freagin rich that he would have his chefs make all his healthy meals fresh and with different herbs,spices to his liking. If he has pulled a muscle he would eat foods,veggies and fruits that would help health inflammation and help repair muscles. The third meal would consist of a pre workout meal, since Batman has to be fast with his body and mind he would workout fast I believe. Lift heavy, lots of drop sets,reps to the fullest,in the 12-16 range and always with free weights. He would incorporate HIIT to mimic types of situations he would get in like jumping from roof to roof or swinging from building to building. This would obviously be done in the Batcave and would take 45 min for himself then another 30 for simulated combat training. Again with the billionaire status and his mind,he came up with a specific type of combat dojo in the Batcave that would simulate real life, I’m guessing once Alfred got too old to train with Bruce Wayne, Bruce and Alfred came up with combat ready robots that are highly agile and function as killing machines like the Shaolin Robit from the 52 series in DC” alt=”20140217-174026.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />
Then he would take a 2-3 hour nap at an undisclosed location where a sleep mud tub would be available, exactly like the Ones from Wanted that helps repair the body insanely fast from any type of stress or damage.


Once Bruce Wayne is at home he would spend some time working on his senses,training them,meditate play insanely high level mind games. Then he would spend some time listening to the police radio frequency,browse the internet and social media for any hints and where abouts of villains who either escaped prison or plotting something. Of course Alfred is there to give him a protein packed meal with tons of healthy carbs and electrolytes to wash it all down as another pre workout meal. Then he’ll start his 12 hour shift 20 minutes before sundown of course and that’s where we actually see based on the comics,movies and cartoons what he does the best! Also he would pack another meal just in case but would sometimes forget to eat it due to the insane amount if stress he might be on on some nights.

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Hope helps,a long time fans imagination kicking it in too hear to give you,the readers airtime insight of what Batman/Bruce Wayne's typical day may look like. Feel free to share if you like!

Day 58 on Gaining Diet

March 30, 2013

More carbs,more protein,more healthy fats, what more can be expected from a clean diet like that? My coach has given me a nice clean diet to follow and obviously it’s up to me to follow it religiously which I have been. I’ve been skipping out on hanging out with friends,skipping out in taking the one small bite of cake or cookie. I’ve stopped myself from having a small handful of chips. Food is a powerful drug, as Jay Cutler would say:“I don’t eat for taste, I eat for function.”

I can remember when I first started dieting with my coach,he gave me a muscle building diet first and I looked at it,didn’t take it too seriously,only made the breakfast he had for me. But then after about a week we decided for me to start the Keto diet to cut the fat,which I did. Then Ramadan came along so I was “dirty bulking” but I couldn’t work out or maintain the muscle within that month so I pretty much lost part of the muscle. Once October of 2012 came along I started to cut the fat again and now I am in the process of a nice Clean Bulk phase. It’s tough but so far so good.







It’s been tough,gaining 1-2 lbs of muscle,judging by what I see in the mirror I’ve gained 2/3 of muscle and 1/3 of fat. My abs are still outlining but I can see the belly fat covering it a bit. 5 more weeks then we start cutting again with more minutes added to my cardio regiment.

Gaining diet day 37

March 9, 2013

So far is day 37 of the gaining diet. Haven’t changed the diet in 2 weeks for sure,gaining 1-2 lbs of muscle per week with a little bit of the occasional fat of course. When your gaining then you’ll expect some fat gain as well depending on how clean your diet is.




Also I’ve been experimenting with Fatgripz, now it’ll be a staple in my bicep workouts for sur





I’ll go for 3 more weeks before I start cutting again. Hopefully the muscle will burn fat faster.

Gaining diet day 30

March 1, 2013

Sorry to all for not keeping up with this blog. It’s been a crazy few months. Here’s my first entry on my blog:
Vlog day 1

Also here is me trying a back workout that I have t done in 6 weeks: single arm rows,135 lbs each,no straps

I’ve been given by my coach a 12 week training program along with a new bulking diet. I was skinny but felt and looked flat at 11% body fat.




It was time for me to start rounding the muscles out and feeling fuller,adding carbs & healthy fats slowly back into the diet; again I am trying to achieve a beast mode look all natural.
So far so good,I’ll let you guys be the judge:





The last pic is flew Lewis,that’s my goal but not as big,I’ll try and get to at least 175-180 lbs with 8% body fat,gaining is tough but muscle is building fast for sure,1-2 lbs added every week. I did gain a few percent body fat but that’s from the cheat meals once per week. Still training incredibly hard and still looking vascular so I know I shouldn’t have to worry about the fat gain,especially once I start cutting again in 6 weeks.

Day 66 of cutting diet

December 22, 2012

So today was the end of the Mayan Calendar,good for them.
In other news here is my new weight:


Here are some workouts from the past that I have logged:






Also I got a new kick ass jacket:



Some of my food while dieting:




Since my wife’s classes are done for a month I can work out early in the morning& do cardio before leaving for work at 9:20AM. Problem is my wife wants me to stay up & watch movies,but I try to doze off at 12AM always. But then I cannot get up early enough for AM cardio on my off days. I will try and sleep extra early tonight in order to workout early tomorrow morning hopefully.

Day 50 cutting diet

December 5, 2012

This was my morning cardio burn since the stair machine was taken:


These are other workouts & cardio I have been tracking:






I’ll be getting the Jawbone Up very soon,I’ll post a review on that as well,but in the meantime I enjoy The Verge’s review on it:
Jawbone Up Review




Some pics on info for healthy veggies & my mixed green salad with Kale added to it,amazing!

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