I know my form is improper, it was a failure set and I probably should have done less weight.

So for the last 4 weeks I have been maintaining my Mass gaining diet as well as keeping myself hydrated. I just recently switched off of Cellucors C4 pre workout and started taking Animal Pump and Animal M-Stack for my pre workouts. So far it’ll be the third day and I haven’t felt so much focus on my workouts before,feeling a whole lot sorer as well. From what I could read and from other people,M-Stack helps get the nutrients to the muscles faster so that you can build muscles and not worry if the food your eating is getting to them. My current weight is 159 lbs,my goal is 165 lbs. I am in the process now of starting phase 1,Intermediate & hopefully see what gains I can benefit from.






Mass gaining diet day 27

September 13, 2012

Today I made really strong green tea in the morning with Fresh mint leaves and cardamom. Then I iced it and added Chia seeds:


The iPhone 5 was announced yesterday,you can count on me to buy that up! I’m thinking of switching from AT&T over to Verizon. I switched my AT&T iPad 3 to Verizon because I feel that Verizon has a better advantage with signal and LTE here in Jersey,why not the same for their phones.
This was my dinner today:

20120913-171851.jpg grilled asparagus with the olive oil I usually ingest during the day,topped with Cajun seasoning,very simple. Then 4 ounces of lean Beef & 2 slices of Ezekiel bread. Already pumped for the gym tonight! Doing back so I have to make sure it’s done properly.

Post work out meal

September 12, 2012

This is my multi vitamin and protein for my post work out meal.

Day after cheat meal #2

September 11, 2012

First I would like to say RIP for those who have fallen on 9/11 & my heart an prayers goes out to all the families who have lost a loved on in that very sad day.

My cheat meal consisted of 4 Stuffed shells,4 raviolis, 2 Bruschetta’s,chocolate chip pie with vanilla ice cream on top. The next morning I weighed in at 159,not bad for a cheat meal gain. I’m usually 156,tonight I’m doing legs and some type of cardio so hopefully tomorrow I burn everything. Plus my diet has been spot on for the last 3 weeks, lots of carbs and protein.
my last video!

I have to break some new records now since I’m on the new mass gaining diet,I feel like I was stronger and was pushing it more when I was cutting weight,but remember,I use to workout at 3pm almost everyday. Now I go to the gym after my 10 hour shift every other night,on the days I don’t lift I try and get some cardio in but that means I need to wake up at the butt crack of dawn since the best time for cardio for me is right when I wake up. Plus since I moved literally 2 minutes by foot near a popular gym,I shouldn’t have any excuse going for just a 30 minute cardio session or even a damn spin class. Recently on my off days I try and sleep by 10:30,11 the latest. Maybe I’ll have to experiment with Melitonin since the last time I took it it made my sleep a lot more satisfying,it made me want to get up when my alarm went off.

Love this cat.

Mass gaining diet day 22

September 9, 2012

So far it’s been 20 days since I started this new Mass gaining diet Coach Phil has put me on.
Client: Mustafa
Goal: Lean Gaining
Weight: 145
Macros: 2467K/228.5P/285.4C/54.1F

That’s my info at the moment,how much I have to eat each day.

I enjoy this bread a lot,I eat 4.5 slices every morning with the eggs,it seems like a lot but I get so hungry in the morning and I just devour whatever’s on the diet.

This was after Back and traps,I did some HIIT exercises along along with the stair master for 30 min to keep the metabolism ramped.

I recently read this simple article by a legendary body builder,it helps beginners on diets understand how carbs work better:
by Obi Obadike Feb 21, 2012
QI’m trying to lose fat.
Do you have any tips for carb intake?
Your understanding of how carbs work and when you should eat them will be fundamental to attaining your low-fat physique. You can definitely keep carbs in your diet and burn that unwanted fat, but you’ll need a solid plan. Let’s hit the basics first.

Carbohydrates are an essential macronutrient. They are your body’s preferred energy source, and they’re a great source of fuel for any physical activity you might do during the day. But, if you don’t use carbs the right way at the right times, they can add an enormous amount of fat to your body.

Here’s the right way to eat carbs and stick to your goals:

Wakey, Wakey:
Eggs and Oatmeal!

It’s best to consume carbs in the morning when your body is calorie-deprived from sleeping. Your glucose tolerance is typically at its highest during the morning, so having breakfast with a big portion of your daily carb intake is very important.

Complex, slow-absorbing carbs like oatmeal are great choices for a delicious, nutritious breakfast.

Need a Good Finisher?
Eat Carbs
It’s also a great choice to consume your carbs right after you work out. Your body is ready and primed to suck up the carbs for recovery and energy replenishment.

Fast-absorbing carbs like fruits, fruit juices, and honey contain simple sugars that are great to have roughly 1 hour after you train. If you go by the numbers, I would shoot for 40 to 60 grams of post-workout carbs.

Cancel Your Nightly
Bowl of Chips
Unless you do a late-night gym session, avoid eating carbs at night. My rule is that, generally, you shouldn’t eat carbs after 7 p.m. If you consume carbs when your body isn’t doing enough physical activity to burn them, then your body will just store them as fat.

Don’t Put All Your Carbs
In One Basket

Your complex and fibrous carbs like legumes, whole grains, and veggies should be spread out evenly throughout your meals. That means you should eat veggies with all of your meals except breakfast.

Don’t eat all of your daily carbs in one sitting. Instead, spread them out over small portions to keep your energy high and your body fueled.

Now with me since I go to the gym late at night,I have to consume my protein shake/multi vitamin along with 8.5 ounces of fasting breaking carbs,in my case white rice.

20120909-171607.jpg Loose Green tea with Cardamom & Fresh Mint Leaves, great for the morning,I usually add ice to make it easier to go down with my breakfast.
Any questions then please leave a comment everyone!

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