Mass gaining diet day 8

August 26, 2012

Hello again curious people, so far it’s day 8,a little over a week on my mass gaining diet. I do feel a bit stronger,muscles do look a bit fuller as well. It’s amazing how carbs can fuel your workouts so damn fast! Now I’m also increasing my cardio from 10 minutes after my workouts to 30-40 minutes to try and strip any fat I have & keep the metabolism running strong. On my current diet I have to eat 2467 calories,228.5 grams of protein,285.4 grams of Carbs,54.1 grams of fat. Most of my carbs are from Brown rice,Ezekiel bread and white rice. My protein is from chicken breast and protein shakes. The fats are from olive oil or macadamia but oil. On the workout parts I have noticed that this week I have went up 5 lbs across the board on every muscle group.
My rice for the next 2 weeks,$32




These are my calorie counts on my workouts & a progress pic this week. I’ll keep all the fans posted,in the mean time PLEASE LIKE my ATHLETE PAGE:MUSTAFA SIDIQEE

Ketoish diet day 73

March 25, 2012

I’d like to starts this entry with another pleasant surprise:

I am a good 147 lbs now,I feel so energetic,happy,healthy & always ready. Like always I thank Allah for giving me the best fortune,my friends for noticing the fat loss,family for putting up with me & my diet and prolonged gym sessions & my Team,Team Provo and coach Phil.
Abbs are coming out perfectly,but I still have to concentrate on cardio & keep pushing the metabolism to burn.


These above pictures are me
Prepping my food the night before,measuring out the chicken breast,olive oil,macadamia oil,getting my breakfast ready for the morning and using my 6 pack bag of course,live that bag!

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