Don’t you hate it sometimes when your all amped for the gym and grab your cool gear and take your cool supplements only to find out that you forgot your damn shoes for the gym. That what happened to me today,I was upset at first,then remembered what my 8th grade teacher said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff…” that’s exactly what I did,I just put my working shoes back on,went to the free weights & machine area at Lifetime Fitness & blasted 4 sets of heavy weights for chest and back workouts. I had a 30 second rest in between sets and jumped back into it,partly thanks to my lunch which was Uncle Bens Brown rice and a chicken Kabob skewer.


After my heavy/quick workout I decided to go home for a run on this beautiful day,damn was it a beautiful day. I went in the house to get my Vibrams since I washed them last night and try we’re air dried. Once I slipped them on,I felt invincible.


It was 65 degrees out,small breeze,you could smell the crisp leaves,seeing the colors was very calming during my run.


When I got home I decided to do a little jump rope and stair jumps,which was a great ending for a great cardio work out. Checked the calories burned on my heart rate monitor & I was happy.


Now I’m sitting in front of a plate of delicious home made(except Uncle Ben’s Brown rice) meal to satisfy my carb appetite. NO CARBS BEFORE 6pm! A must in my diet.


Stay healthy,stay well,night!

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