so i have been told numerous times to start a blog, to write down all my thoughts and ideas, to express how i feel, to give advice to those in seek of it. I pretty much love fitness, ask my wife, i go to the gym almost 7 days a week. I own/manage a small family runned restaurant in my home town, maybe you’ve heard of it. I’m pretty much open, thus creating a blog for everyone to read me like a book. No secrets, no mean or evil things, just conversation and ideas. Also please excuse my grammar if it isn’t on par with what you are used to while reading, auto correct can only help so much. Lets talk about Steve Jobs for a minute. Great man, had lots of ideas, very inspirational, was an orphan, was kicked out of his own company only to return a lot stronger. His speech given to the Stanford University Graduates is also very inspirational, check it out:

I will end with the start of my day, be happy, be humble, fight back & live life like its your last day.

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