Eating clean,eating healthy

October 6, 2011

So today,like any other,is a day where I try my best to eat healthy food. I have 2 diet books in my iBooks app that I should start reading soon called the Paleo solution diet & The Paleo cook book. Maybe once my school work dies down a little. Brown rice with chicken kabobs & middle eastern olives usually does the trick. Then I down it with a juice combo of fresh spinach,pear,apple,carrot,cucumber,parsley & lemon. Cleans the body right out & uses fat as energy when there isn’t anything else in the stomach. I recommend this documentary on Netflix called”fat,Sick and nearly dead” very inspirational. I’ll leave off with the fascination of how easy it is to write a blog,take it in my pocket and snap pictures to share with everyone on my iOS device. How far we have gone with technology is astounding,leaving you to wonder,when will it slow down and take a breather? Stay healthy & stay well to all!



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