Gaining diet day 37

March 9, 2013

So far is day 37 of the gaining diet. Haven’t changed the diet in 2 weeks for sure,gaining 1-2 lbs of muscle per week with a little bit of the occasional fat of course. When your gaining then you’ll expect some fat gain as well depending on how clean your diet is.




Also I’ve been experimenting with Fatgripz, now it’ll be a staple in my bicep workouts for sur





I’ll go for 3 more weeks before I start cutting again. Hopefully the muscle will burn fat faster.

Gaining diet day 30

March 1, 2013

Sorry to all for not keeping up with this blog. It’s been a crazy few months. Here’s my first entry on my blog:
Vlog day 1

Also here is me trying a back workout that I have t done in 6 weeks: single arm rows,135 lbs each,no straps

I’ve been given by my coach a 12 week training program along with a new bulking diet. I was skinny but felt and looked flat at 11% body fat.




It was time for me to start rounding the muscles out and feeling fuller,adding carbs & healthy fats slowly back into the diet; again I am trying to achieve a beast mode look all natural.
So far so good,I’ll let you guys be the judge:





The last pic is flew Lewis,that’s my goal but not as big,I’ll try and get to at least 175-180 lbs with 8% body fat,gaining is tough but muscle is building fast for sure,1-2 lbs added every week. I did gain a few percent body fat but that’s from the cheat meals once per week. Still training incredibly hard and still looking vascular so I know I shouldn’t have to worry about the fat gain,especially once I start cutting again in 6 weeks.

Day 66 of cutting diet

December 22, 2012

So today was the end of the Mayan Calendar,good for them.
In other news here is my new weight:


Here are some workouts from the past that I have logged:






Also I got a new kick ass jacket:



Some of my food while dieting:




Since my wife’s classes are done for a month I can work out early in the morning& do cardio before leaving for work at 9:20AM. Problem is my wife wants me to stay up & watch movies,but I try to doze off at 12AM always. But then I cannot get up early enough for AM cardio on my off days. I will try and sleep extra early tonight in order to workout early tomorrow morning hopefully.

Mass building day 2

August 21, 2012

So it’s day 2 of the mass building diet,thankfully all the food fits in my half 6 pack bag. Lots of carbs and a good amount of protein thanks to Coach Phil and Team Provo. I did back today at my old gym which resides down the street from me since its my day off and it was still open:


I did back & 20 minutes on the stair master. I weighed 148 this morning as well so we will see how much I weight tomorrow along with a picture of the weigh in. Since fasting is over then ill be able to get 7 hours of sleep & able to do my morning cardio at the gym for 40 minutes, jump start the metabolism. Cya in the morning!

Sorry for not updating the blog in a month. I have been focusing a lot on my transformation,consistency is key. At times when I feel like I should snack a little bit or eat something totally off the diet,I just look at the pictures of those who made it,of those who are where I am physically & I fall right back on my path to reach my goal.






I was a size 40 last year,now I’m a 27.
I’ve been trying to incorporate HIIT as much as possible throughout my workouts to keep the heart rate going,it’s working well so far,my metabolism is really high and my diet is on par.

20120523-164334.jpg an example of my breakfast.

20120523-164420.jpg my everyday shoes,Vibrams.
Also from 144 lbs I moved back up to 148,fat is melting away still & muscle is forming nicely.

Ketoish Day 68

March 20, 2012

I pretty much feel like a pro at this whole dieting, lots of different types of foods come my way but I refuse,always on a strict diet. I’ve been dieting now for about 68 days for the day. First and foremost I was thank God for giving me all of the good things that I have, all the bad things that I have, I thank God for allowing all of these great people around me to give me positive energy to go about on my diet and my health loss journey. In these past six months I have seen a transformation that I have seen in the past two years alone. After I got married I had gained a lot of weight, I was about 195, my height is 5 feet and 4 inches. Now I’m down to 149, I’m about to lose 1 to 2 more pounds before the beginning of next week hopefully by Monday. After that we’ll be the muscle gaining face.



As you can see there are some noticeable changes that has happened to me, also I have lost size on my waist.

Last year I was a size 36, the year before that I was a size 40. But now I am a size 29. all My clothes that I have worn last year doesn’t not fit me anymore, they are all too loose. It looks like I have to spend some money to get new shorts, new T-shirts because now I fit into a size small perfectly. I have either sent my old close to my family in Afghanistan or given my really nice medium to large size clothing to my brother-in-law who just came about two months ago. Also I keep drilling in holes in my belt because I keep losing more inches, it definitely is the time for me to buy some new clothing.

I have surpassed many of the “Mini-Goals” I have set for myself,a few examples is getting vascular,which means that I have no far covering the muscle as much.





Another goal was to get that V shape where my shoulders meet my biceps & triceps without flexing,also accomplished. The main goal besides being healthy now is to get a6-8 pack before summer,by 8 weeks. Another main reason why I’m doing this is to not just inspire friends and strangers but to inspire my little brother to change,eat healthy,tag along with me at the gym & learn instead of pretending to know everything. I worry about all my family but especially him.
I’m pretty excited to see what my coach has in store for me,Coach Phil,when it comes to the diet,which is also key for anything. You are what you eat for sure!
I’ll still be doing my 1 hour cardio sessions but my diet will change,I’ll be adding more carbs,more protein,essentially getting bigger & bigger steadily while burning much much more fat at the same time. By Summer you all will definitely see a new me,with abbs,never before seen abbs!

Well technically it’s not the official beginning,I’ve been dieting now for 2.5 weeks,gone down from 170 lbs to 163,then it yoyos back up to 167,which is I think muscle since I’ve been doing a lot more heavier weights.

This was my weight this morning,I had 2 slices of pizza as a cheat meal for the week since today im working out heavy on shoulders & biceps. I’ll have a video to go along as well,that is if I break any personal records which I have been doing each week thanks to Phil my coach and dietician.


Speaking about diets,I’ve been super charging it thanks to Phil with healthy alternatives,great tasting options. I’ve even used my 6 pack bag after 4 months of it in storage,I save money with the restaurant and I don’t have to worry about calories,carbs and fat count because I measure everything the night before or morning of!


After 2 weeks of training with Phil,I passed my personal expectations and goals and went up in weight by a lot,of course relying more on spotters than before to always be SAFE. Each plate represents 45 lbs if you did not know. Also I am starting to see definition in my legs as well as calves along with strength building up! My new goal for the leg press is 1000 lbs and for free bar leg squat 225 lbs.

Me at the Kean University gym,which is kinda a joke because all these big guys are lifting as much as me or less and they are 2 times bigger than me! Probably the water retention & creatine they are taking,doesn’t scare me though.

Liquid chalk! Unlike regular chalk it actually stays on the hands and doesn’t get on everything.

My end of the night dinner,steamed veggies with hot sauce and ground chicken breast grilled! Best way to end the night full and guilt free!

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