Now we are back

April 20, 2017

We are back, back at the restaurant that is. After the trial period,it was in the family’s best interest to keep ther estaurant as a family runned restaurant. What did I do during those 2 weeks off? I worked as an Uber driver, tried to reach out to all my contacts for a job. A few people had put in a good word for me or moved my resume along, but it takes forever. Some people just gave false promises as i wastched time go by, and time to me, is the most valuable currency we all have. During that time I didn’t see my father, barely saw my mother, stayed with my wife and child for most of the day, to be honest, being with my baby and wife was the happiest time i’ve had in awhile and I tahnk God every day for it. My heart goes out to those who kept in contact when we left the restaurant, to those who did their best to help us, to those who offered kind words and comfort when we were down, those kind of friends will always be in our hearts.

I have seen from too many situations in the past, that if your not there to raise your children, give them a good home, teach them above all, then it’s just a plan for disaster. My dream would be to have 5-6 children, live in an open space, 2 Acre land with trees, maybe a small barn to raise live stock, an area to grow crops. I would have a job which would allow me to be with my kids on the weekends and at dinner during the weekdays. We would take small vacations or drives to random places, to learn about history, nature, people and so forth. To grow old with the women i love, my wife, be surrounded by our loved ones, to just sit on the porch ona rocking chair on a nice, cool summer afternoon and just soak in life, thank God for everything we have. That, my friends, is my dream, but to get there is first to be successful.

We are currently finding existing restaurants that are for sale or out of business, to of course build a Silk Road 2, problem is manpower on people we can trust and location. If anyone knows anything, please let me know in a private message!

Other than that, my family is doing well, eevryone thank God are in good health, I’m just planning now for a vacation to London, trying to put money aside for hopefully July. Thans Folks for taking the time out of your day to read this! Hope to see you all at the restaurant, now for some fun pictures/movies:


Day 58 on Gaining Diet

March 30, 2013

More carbs,more protein,more healthy fats, what more can be expected from a clean diet like that? My coach has given me a nice clean diet to follow and obviously it’s up to me to follow it religiously which I have been. I’ve been skipping out on hanging out with friends,skipping out in taking the one small bite of cake or cookie. I’ve stopped myself from having a small handful of chips. Food is a powerful drug, as Jay Cutler would say:“I don’t eat for taste, I eat for function.”

I can remember when I first started dieting with my coach,he gave me a muscle building diet first and I looked at it,didn’t take it too seriously,only made the breakfast he had for me. But then after about a week we decided for me to start the Keto diet to cut the fat,which I did. Then Ramadan came along so I was “dirty bulking” but I couldn’t work out or maintain the muscle within that month so I pretty much lost part of the muscle. Once October of 2012 came along I started to cut the fat again and now I am in the process of a nice Clean Bulk phase. It’s tough but so far so good.







It’s been tough,gaining 1-2 lbs of muscle,judging by what I see in the mirror I’ve gained 2/3 of muscle and 1/3 of fat. My abs are still outlining but I can see the belly fat covering it a bit. 5 more weeks then we start cutting again with more minutes added to my cardio regiment.

Gaining diet day 37

March 9, 2013

So far is day 37 of the gaining diet. Haven’t changed the diet in 2 weeks for sure,gaining 1-2 lbs of muscle per week with a little bit of the occasional fat of course. When your gaining then you’ll expect some fat gain as well depending on how clean your diet is.




Also I’ve been experimenting with Fatgripz, now it’ll be a staple in my bicep workouts for sur





I’ll go for 3 more weeks before I start cutting again. Hopefully the muscle will burn fat faster.

Cutting diet day 87

January 12, 2013

It’s been awhile since I had last updated this so let me recap without boring you. I was able to get down to 142 lbs. I was sick before I got to that weight, I had the stomach virus and flu at the same time during New Year’s Eve, resulting in more weight/fat loss brining my body down t 142 lbs. I am also 12% body fat, most of my veins are very vascular now, especially when I lift weights.

Coach has finally given me back cheat meals once per week:





Today I am hovering around 143/142 lbs right now, hopefully tonight’s leg session will bring the weight down gain so by Monday the weight will get to 141 lbs. just wondering out loud but it would be crazy if I got to the 130’s weight class and still maintain my muscle, I am only 5’4 so that’s still a healthy range of weight for me, but I might still lose some muscle mass, which in my opinion is necessary to lose the belly fat once and for good. I was thinking about starting the gaining diet this week but decided to get to at least 140 lbs and see where the stomach is right then.



My coach put me on a band regiment, and its amazing, ripping the muscle fibers inlays I couldn’t with just plain old weights. Tonight’s leg session will be awesome for sure, ialready excited. Problem is that I hate doing legs at Lifetime fitness, it’s great to be a24/7 gym but their leg equipment is lacking.

Cutting diet day 44

November 29, 2012

I’d like to start off this blog with my current weight:20121128-190600.jpg

This was my weight a couple weeks back: 20121128-190627.jpg

I am making progress,cutting the weight slowly but surely,even while under tremendous amounts of stress from work and home I try to manage. My diet has been about 95-100% for the most part. Once my mind isn’t thinking about food but on more important things then I don’t worry too much on my appetite. I unconsciously would drink well over a gallon of water each day to help facilitate the nutrients throughout the body.

Here are a few snaps if my work outs and the calories I’ve burned:

As you can see I must always get my AM cardio in no matter what,off day or training day it’s a staple now. I prefer early morning workouts and cardio to what I used to do,late night training and cardio. Early morning would help jump start my day while late night lifting would affect my sleep.

Here are 2 body shots,one month apart,I will start dating them as well to keep a proper time frame going:
From what my coach said the upper abs are coming out right on schedule, but the lower abs are the tough part. He said it could be from either low testosterone or my thyroid. I’ve gotten a testosterone booster by MuscleTech to help administer the precursors to make testosterone in the body naturally. This should help a lot on my lifts and to get rid of the belly fat,also I’ll start targeting the lower abs at the end of all my exercises too.

Here is an example of a snack I’m allowed to have that isn’t bad for the diet at all,it’s pretty much water:


Hopefully I can inspire people through my own example, Justin Dees taught me that. My main goal was always to inspire my little brother and father to eat healthy and jump into the gym but it’s a difficult challenge when you have family members,stubborn ones at that,who think they know better. Once the washboard abs come along I’ll be happy to help them. I have been getting TREMENDOUS amount of feedback from close friends and random people on how I have inspired them to live a healthier life style. One person joined the navy because if my example,a few have just complimented me and used me as a reason to get back into the gym. I offer my knowledge to anyone interested in learning or wanting to know how to be a healthier them. My dream job would be a nutritionist for fat kids and young athletes along as a personal trainer to help them grow healthy and be healthy; childhood obesity is a very dangerous thing that can lead to complications later on in life. Hopefully once we find a chef here at my restaurant I can concentrate on my schooling for it or at least take online classes as much as possible to try and get certified in NASM first then Nutrition. Our bodies are always unique,we respond to different types of foods and activities based on our genetics,diets and environment. It’s up to us to inspire, it’s up to us to help those that need it, it’s up to us to educate those who doesn’t know,it’s up to us to help….

I’ll be ending with awesome pictures of my cat,enjoy!








Cutting diet day 25

November 9, 2012

So far so good, weighing it at 155 lbs:

So far I’ve been dieting low carb throughout the week and have one day that’s all for high carbs and high protein, kinda balances out the chemicals in the body to be safe:






So far I’ve been logging all my calories lost after each workout or AM cardio session to try and inspire those and lead by example:










Hope everyone enjoys! Any questions please let me know and hopefully I can help!

Progress so far…

October 28, 2012

First video is full dead lifts at 315 lbs,6 reps,4th set.

Second video is rack dead lifts at 345 lbs,3rd set

Both videos in weighing at 158 lbs and still trying to cut.

Last video is me prepping for my high carb day the day after,still kept my weight low and still haven’t had a cheat meal in 2 weeks,CLEAN EATING!

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