Day 50 cutting diet

December 5, 2012

This was my morning cardio burn since the stair machine was taken:


These are other workouts & cardio I have been tracking:






I’ll be getting the Jawbone Up very soon,I’ll post a review on that as well,but in the meantime I enjoy The Verge’s review on it:
Jawbone Up Review




Some pics on info for healthy veggies & my mixed green salad with Kale added to it,amazing!

Cutting diet day 13

October 28, 2012

This is all the calories I burned from cardio to lifting this past week:








I’ve been using the blessing of proper diet and rest to help grow and stay lean. This week was 2 days lift, 3 off,2 days lift. I’ll change it up depending on how the body feels in the morning,stretching though has been a my staple in the morning after cardio,just to get the blood flowing,then a nice hot shower to freshen up.
Her was some of my meals on my High Carb Day:






I’ll be using my 6 pack bag depending on how long the power is out after the hurricane! Here are some pics from last years snow storm that occurred around the same time, it’ll refresh everyone’s memory for sure:


Day 1 on new cutting diet

October 16, 2012

Yesterday was the first day of the new cutting diet. 1 day out of the week I have to go high carb,helps me keep my muscle gains and the rest of the week I stay low carb and eat a shit load of sweet potatoes,if course everything is all measured out for my 6 meals a day.
My lunch:

What it looks like when I’m prepping in the morning:









Mass gaining diet day 8

August 26, 2012

Hello again curious people, so far it’s day 8,a little over a week on my mass gaining diet. I do feel a bit stronger,muscles do look a bit fuller as well. It’s amazing how carbs can fuel your workouts so damn fast! Now I’m also increasing my cardio from 10 minutes after my workouts to 30-40 minutes to try and strip any fat I have & keep the metabolism running strong. On my current diet I have to eat 2467 calories,228.5 grams of protein,285.4 grams of Carbs,54.1 grams of fat. Most of my carbs are from Brown rice,Ezekiel bread and white rice. My protein is from chicken breast and protein shakes. The fats are from olive oil or macadamia but oil. On the workout parts I have noticed that this week I have went up 5 lbs across the board on every muscle group.
My rice for the next 2 weeks,$32




These are my calorie counts on my workouts & a progress pic this week. I’ll keep all the fans posted,in the mean time PLEASE LIKE my ATHLETE PAGE:MUSTAFA SIDIQEE

Mass building day 2

August 21, 2012

So it’s day 2 of the mass building diet,thankfully all the food fits in my half 6 pack bag. Lots of carbs and a good amount of protein thanks to Coach Phil and Team Provo. I did back today at my old gym which resides down the street from me since its my day off and it was still open:


I did back & 20 minutes on the stair master. I weighed 148 this morning as well so we will see how much I weight tomorrow along with a picture of the weigh in. Since fasting is over then ill be able to get 7 hours of sleep & able to do my morning cardio at the gym for 40 minutes, jump start the metabolism. Cya in the morning!

Ramadan Day 6

July 25, 2012

So today is day 6 of Ramadan. Wow. I’m so very proud of myself for getting here, I’m just trying y best to not forget my prayers and performing them properly. I feel like this month,especially out of all the months,God has his ways to communicate to everyone. Today inward greeted by a black and white spider,3 quarters of an inch big,crawling on my shorts while driving; everything’s always a sign. I don’t know for sure what that sign is,but it could mean don’t break your fast or else.

I’ve been working around food so much that I don’t even get hungry. Problem is even though I should be on a Ramadan diet, i pig out on finger foods and snacks after I break my fast. The only solution I feel would best work in this scenario is to prep my food an hour ahead of time. I figured that since I’ll be working out Friday,Saturday,Sunday and Monday nights after 11pm, I would stick to clean eating as much as possible.

I found some pictures of me from the past when I was working out but had no clue about my diet and how it should be implemented to get results:





I’m missing the gym real bad,I figured if I stick to the diet and eat clean during Ramadan then my metabolism will burn the fat and keep some muscle. I know I’ll be leaner but weaker,which is no problem,I even see some belly fat leaving. Hopefully I can stick to the gym schedule for the weekend and not skip a day.

Ramadan day 4

July 24, 2012

So it’s my first day off during Ramadan, it’s great to catch up on sleep. I had to run errands, then I was able to work on some kitchen projects at the restaurant.

20120724-005733.jpg carrot pie.
I didn’t stick to the diet at all today since I wasn’t working, right now I just downed 8 Oreos with milk.

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